David Rago

Notable antiques expert and author David Rago, appraiser featured on the PBS television show "Antiques Roadshow" will be at LAPS 2019 appraising items brought in by attendees on a per-item donation basis



Rick Petteford

Los Angeles, CA

Specializes in Rookwood Pottery and early 1900s ceramics



Carole Coates Herzog

2Q2C / Pottery Hound

Carole Coates Herzog is a notable expert on California pottery and author of the book "Catalina Island Pottery and Tile." Meet the author in person and get your copy of her book signed.



Kirby Brown

Books & Curios

Mr. Brown is a notable expert on early 1900s California pottery and author of the book "California Faience." Mr Brown will be signing copies of this indispensable reference book.



Tricia McGuigan Ceramics

Unique contemporary ceramics created with found-items for a simple, rustic accent for your home!



Haggerty Ceramics

“Ceramics has been my passion since I was thirteen years old, and I am just as captivated with it now as I was on the first day of my first ceramics class.

I am especially fascinated with the chemistry of ceramics, and over the past forty years I have formulated more than 4,000 different glazes.

My art is devoid of any dialogue, allowing the vessel to become a canvas for my glaze surfaces. Each work is an example of exploration in pushing the limits in both the form and glaze.

From every firing new surfaces emerge, along with new ideas for experimentation and exploration. And it is that joy of discovery which drives my creativity and passion for ceramics.” - James Haggerty, Artist


Bauer Pottery.jpg

Kathleen Prado

Ms. Prado specializes in California Colorware pottery



LaPointe Pottery

Ceramic artists John and Noreen La Pointe have been working with clay since they met in Lompoc High School art Class. Both have been full time ceramic artists since they established their Lompoc studio together in 1977.

John’s wheel-thrown pottery displays rich colors, patterns and textures which invite touch.

Noreen’s whimsical tile imagery reflects her love for nature and the features of birds, animals and floral designs.



Annie's Garden Ceramics

Annie creates one of a kind, functional Ceramic Art for home and garden in her Big Bear Lake studio. She uses soft, cool colors, and images and imprints from nature, creating an earthy, elegant look reminiscent of the Arts and Crafts era.

All pieces are individually crafted out of durable, high fire stoneware and lead free glazes. Vases hold water for fresh flowers and can live indoors or out in the garden. Plates are food, oven, dishwasher and microwave safe.

Annie's unique pottery is made by hand, from the heart, and is intended to bring you a lifetime of joy!



Pierre Bounaud Ceramics

“For many years, I have worked with the invisible, assembling atoms and designing molecules through experiments to create new medicines. Creativity was expressed through technology at a microscopic scale. When I started working with clay, the invisible became visible. I could see what my hands were touching. They were forming shapes that my brain was designing. Suddenly my creativity jumped to the macroscopic world, it was liberating.

My inspiration is mainly visual in nature. I found that I am sensitive to shapes, geometric patterns, and contrasting colors. Probably a consequence of years of looking for patterns in a sea of random scientific data. Often visual cues stimulate my imagination and find their way in my work in some form or another, be it the shape of a curve, the number of lines, or the choice of color combinations.”

- Pierre Bounaud


Wells Tile

Wells Tile & Antiques

Owner Scott Wells specializes in California art tile and pottery of the 1920s-30s.

Meet the eminent vintage and antique tile expert in person!


Bill Warmboe

Bill Warmboe & Co.

Bill Warmboe specializes in early California ceramics as well as vintage fine jewelry and furnishings


St Francis.jpg

Susan Dunbar - Dunbar Studios

Dunbar Studios creates unique, hand-painted architectural and art tiles. Full installations to individual tiles for framing, ceramic artist Susan Dunbar does it all!



Treadway Gallery

Specializing in Fine Art and Design of the 20th century. The focus of the fine art department of the gallery is American Paintings from the early to mid-20th century. Treadway Gallery also offers fine Decorative Art and Design, including Furniture, Ceramics, Metalwork, and Lighting from the Arts & Crafts period through the mid-20th century.



Mark Sample

Mark Sample specializes in early 20th century art pottery of the Arts and Crafts era.



Marc Tisdale

Marc Tisdale is one of the foremost experts on early 20th century ceramics from the Arts and Crafts era. Marc specializes in Grueby, Marblehead, Rookwood and many other popular ceramic makers.


Brian Kaiser

Brian Kaiser

Mr. Kaiser is one of the foremost experts on tiles from the 1920s done in the Spanish Colonial Revival style. He is an expert on tile restoration, preservation and salvaging in California.


Jim Ely

Jim Ely

Specializing in early 1900s art pottery


Barry Williams

Barry & Donna Williams

Specializing in early 20th century ceramics and tile


Frank Ross

Frank Ross - Once Again

Frank Ross specializes in fine ceramics from the late 19th century to the mid 20th century.


Richard Jones

Richard & Stephanie Jones - Fine Pots Plus

Early 20th century ceramics


Bob Schmid

Bob Schmid

Bob Schmid specializes in early 20th century and Mid-Century Modern art pottery and tile.


Tim Meikle

Tim & Angie Meikle - T&M Enterprises

Early 20th century pottery and tile


Joanne Barrett

Joanne & John Barrett

Early 20th century to mid-20th century pottery & tile


jack chipman

Jack Chipman

Fine antique and vintage tile & pottery


Pat Wagner

Pat & Dorothy Wagner


Doug Stanton

Doug Stanton - California Clay Collectibles

California and Southwest pottery and tile


steve saylor

Steve Saylor

Native American pottery and tile


2019-01-20 15.43.18.jpg

Kim Ahara

- Q Antiques & Design

Art Nouveau antique and vintage ceramics


Rookwood Pottery Standard Glaze Lotus Vase #605E, 4 7-8in tall dated 1905 $300.jpg

Jean Ramage - Lakeview Antiques & Collectibles

Early 20th century art pottery & tile



Gus Bostrum

- California Historical Design

Specializes in the ceramics, decorative arts and furniture from the Arts and Crafts era of the early 20th century.



Bill Argonza

Mid-Century Modern ceramics, decorative and fine art and furnishings



Arnie O. Kubelun Ceramics

Contemporary Asian-style ceramics


Truett Lawson.jpg

Truett Lawson - SwedeLife

Vintage Scandanavian Pottery



Joseph & Grazia Ranieri

Specializing in 1920s California pottery and tiles