David Rago


Notable antiques expert and author David Rago, appraiser featured on the PBS television show "Antiques Roadshow" will be at LAPS 2019 appraising items brought in by attendees on a per-item donation basis



Sweet Earth Pottery


Ceramic artist Taira Wiggins of Sweet Earth Pottery creates uniquely one-of-a-kind pottery in the striking glazing technique developed centuries ago called "cuerda seca," or "dry line."  This painstakingly executed glaze technique was employed by the Arts and Crafts era Saturday Evening Girls in the early part of the 1900s.



Rick Petteford

Los Angeles, CA

Specializes in Rookwood Pottery and early 1900s ceramics



Carole Coates Herzog

Carole Coates Herzog is a notable expert on California pottery and author of the book "Catalina Island Pottery and Tile." 



Ontko Clay Forms

Arts and Crafts era inspired ceramic tiles and sculptures



Kirby Brown

 Books & Curios

Mr. Brown is a notable expert on early 1900s California pottery and author of the book "California Faience." Mr Brown will be signing copies of this indespensable reference book.



Tricia McGuigan  Ceramics



Haggerty Ceramics

Husband and wife duo Jim and Linda Haggerty are wizards of ceramic glaze chemistry.  They specialize in elusive luster effects of their glazing.


Bauer Pottery.jpg

Kathleen Prado

Ms. Prado specializes in California Colorware pottery



LaPointe Pottery

Contemporary handmade ceramics in the Arts and Crafts style



Annie's Garden Ceramics