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The LAPS team

LAPS Remembers Ken Stalcup

  Ken Stalcup, co-founder of The Los Angeles Pottery Show quietly passed away on January 13th, 2017 after a battle with cancer.  Those who know Ken personally describe him as a kind, patient and strong person who will be dearly missed. Ken Stalcup and his longtime partner and recent spouse Dennis Warden started the Los […]

LAPS Watts Towers

Watts Towers

Watts Towers Over a 34-year period between 1921 and 1955, an Italian immigrant by the name of Sabato (also known as Sam or Simon) Rodia (also spelled Rodilla) built out a series of 17 cement and metal sculptures that he titled “Nuestro Pueblo,” or our town in Spanish. The towers are constructed of steer rebar, […]

Bauer Pottery Factory

Bauer Pottery Factory

Bauer Pottery Factory Bauer Pottery was founded by John Andrew (J.A.) Bauer in the late 1800s in Paducah, Kentucky. Seeing opportunity in California, he moved the company to the Lincoln Heights district in Los Angeles in 1910 and produced a range of stoneware, kitchenware and gardenware. Their production facility was located at 415-421 West Avenue […]

QwkDog Catalina

Catalina Island Pottery

Catalina Island Pottery & Tile The history of tile and pottery manufacturing on Santa Catalina Island begins with the discovery of clay and mineral oxides necessary for pottery production while drilling for fresh water wells. The island imported machinery to their Pebbly Beach location and used clay from multiple island sources to create early brick […]